The arrival of the best weather in Florida and the entire country has come. Hurricane Sandy passed bye with high winds and rainy days and she is on her way to my friends and family in New Jersey/the entire Northeast. Just another reminder to us all to respect and pay attention to Mother Nature. It amazes me that the force of nature can shut down entire cities to remind us humans ( especially the city folk) that everything is connected. Without connection to ourselves, each other, animals and nature we experience dis-ease and unbalance. I am sure everyone will weather the storm and perhaps enjoy the hidden gift she brings...unplugging from technology. No electric means no cable, internet, work, travel, school, shopping, social media etc. Living in the now, together making eye contact, talking, playing cards and board games. It's like a 48 hour time out in reverse, a time in.
Lots of paddling and running around town marketing meeting great people. The weather is crisp, the oxygen seems fresher and cleaner and the animals are out in full force. The new Aspire kayak from Wilderness is awesome and with the skeg may be the one I use for my quick creek paddles. All this talk about weather and kayaking has me signing off and ready for another great week outside. kk


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