Great paddle weather..sunny & crisp and a pod of manatees! Crane Creek is my favorite go to for a paddle even without customers. The wildlife is abundant and this is the only spot that have witnessed manatees coming out of the water to eat. The few alligators here also seem to get along fine with the manatees which is probably a combo of their size (avg is 900 to 1300 lbs) and number. I must have seen over 15 today and guess there was a lot more. An Osprey flew over head with a fish in it's claws adding an extra awe to the moment.To be able to escape into nature without leaving town is such a blessing and I am so eager to share it. Once people get out and see how comfortable, easy and enjoyable this is I know they will want to do it again. I am also very happy with the green color of the kayaks. It is eco friendly and does blend in nice with the trees, mangroves and the sunshine and so far the manatees like them. Might have to rethink the color for SUP order. Looking forward to November...kk



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