I started kayaking in S Florida (Jupiter) 15 years ago and once i paddled the wild and scenic Loxahatchee River my adventures, explorations, friendships and connection to nature and wildlife changed forever. And for that a piece of my heart will always be in Jupiter. Paddling among 500 year old Cypress trees, alligators, otters, hearing birds wings in flight was and still is a step back in time...the real Florida. I learned to feel the energy and flow of the river and her residents every paddle. I felt connected especially on solo paddles and became open and sensitive to the fact nature holds knowledge and history not to be found in any written book. Lots of adventure spirited male friends (husbands of most of my friends) willing to go on weekend trips all over the state started, then the Everglades, Costa Rica, Virgin Islands, and different states. My early trips were such learning experiences mostly  shared from co paddlers/friends and mishaps! Long distance and camping trips in kayaks are huge planning, gear, food, water and picking the right people to be in the middle of no where with skill requirements. Some advanced skills classes thru the ACA and the boys @ Adventure Times in N Palm Beach & JOC  and I found myself getting PAID to guide trips. I still have my first check stub as a guide :-) My legal background, customer service and passion for kayaking & nature all fit together as guide and eventually staring out the window @ the inter-coastal waterway daydreaming at work (US Bankruptcy Court) yep, I worked for "the Man"..12 years. A lay off and independence day (7-4-08) later would open the door to new beginnings and endings.

Yoga teacher certification (more of an immersion)  a creative first attempt yet  short lived mobile co in Jupiter, relocation back to Melbourne where my Florida life started 20 years ago beach side with my BFF Debbie Seiler and  FIT (Fl Insitute of Technology) friends. The kayaking in S Brevard County (Melbourne, beaches, palm bay) took me by surprise. The wildlife encounters with dolphins, manatee were plentiful and i even found a great alligator spot. The call to share this with folks again came to me paddle after paddle, manatee after manatee, dolphin after dolphin...you get the picture. Finally a push from the universe ( one of many) in disguise and a sub plot of love, trust, friendship and faith not worthy to write on a blog ( possibly a book) birthed this new kayak company endeavor & journey. So, here I am...trailer designed, being built, new Wilderness Pungo's ordered and will be here next week, paddles and gear already arrived and weekend of DS labor creating a logo & web site!

Paddlingly Yours, kk


10/08/2012 6:08pm

I am so excited for you K. Anyone with a passion for paddling as great as yours is, and the strong desire to share that passion - deserves a second chance to make their dream come true. This time it's all yours my friend. Congratulations on your new venture!

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