Where did November go? The temps have been great however the winter north winds have arrived. I love the creek paddles when the winds are strong for reasons beyond easy protected paddling. The animals are everywhere...away from the wind and enjoying the sun without the heat. It's hard to promise encounters with wildlife but it brings me so much joy when they happen and seeing the faces of the paddlers especially on kids will never get old. My friend Jill and her amazing family came down to camp with friends @ Sebastian Inlet State Park and connected with me to paddle and graciously give a little business to her Huckster ( Ultimate Frisbee) sister. Our first of two paddles was beach side on one of those NW 20-25 knot days and the only event was the wind. The second paddle was at one of the creeks off the Indian River. It was an amazing paddle light wind, sunny 70's and wildlife was with us the entire time. We encountered a small pod of Dolphins at the tip of the river just prior to heading into the creek and they were with us for a long time. Paddling with Dolphins happens often but not for more than 5-10 minutes so this was a treat if not epic. I think they were attracted to the kid energy and Jill's girls are super cute, smart& special. So the Dolphins literally swam with us as we paddled.The Manatee's are all over the creek and this is the rare spot they come out of the water a bit with those large bodies to eat. Baby gator & a good 6-7 ft one on the bank sunning then sliding into the water as we paddled close to finish off the amazing sightings. It's days like this i dream of when scouting spots by myself, best part was seeing my friend and just sharing a great day out on the water. kk